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Premium gourmet vanilla beans

Our premium gourmet vanilla beans are the longest we have, they are packed with vanilla seeds or caviar as we call it. They have just the right moisture level and are nice and bendy. The vanilla beans have a beautiful aroma and smell and we always try to secure a minimum of 2 % of vanillin level in the premium gourmet vanilla beans. testing again

To ensure the quality of the vanilla we make sure our vanilla beans are harvested at just the right time when their maturity is perfect. After harvest, they are cured in a refined process that takes up to 6 months. In the curing process, the vanilla beans are manually shifted from fermentation in blankets to low sun-drying. This process is labour and time consuming, but it is worth it because this is how the perfect taste and moisture level in the beans and vanilla caviar are secured.

Vanilla sort: Planifolia

Moisture level: 35 %

Length: 18-20 cm

Country of origin: Uganda

Project: Social Vanilla´s own project.

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